product position, target market, pricing strategy

Marketing Management –Team Project – ( Sears )

Product Position: Prepare a perceptual map of the industry including your product. If you intend to reposition the product. Show the new location. Include your closest competitors. Identify your competitive advantage.

 Target Market: Describe and evaluate your target market and any market segments you have identified as viable. Use as many of the descriptors as possible including: size of target market and segments, demographics (income, population, age, ethnicity, gender, etc.), psychographics, and behavior.

Pricing Strategy: Include introductory price and other proposed pricing strategies over the next 5 years. What are your profit goals? If you plan to divest or discontinue the product, estimate the effect on the entire company.

example of full project is attached 

Nokia Marketing Plan Sample.pdf 

Dick’s Sporting Goods Marketing Plan FA14.pdf 

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