Professional Development Plan

Write a professional development plan based on the information learned in all weeks of this course. This plan must incorporate the Needs Analysis, evaluation criteria, and a delivery method. Your plan must not exceed 2,500 words and must include the following:

  • Needs Analysis
    • Organizational analysis
    • Team analysis
    • Task analysis
  • Learning objectives outlining what material is covered
  • Appropriate delivery method
    • Examples might include but are not limited to classroom, video conference, conference call, Web-based, or podcasts.
    • Your plan must be focused on one delivery method but may include up to two.
  • Evaluation criteria
    • Measures and collection points
    • Timeframe
    • Expected results quantifying success, failure, and the in-between
The highlighted section is what I need help with. I need about 600-650 words. I will provide more supplements once I choose a tutor. Work must be original and be in APA format with citations. Please and thank you. 

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