Professional Portfolio , business and finance homework help

Part 1

In a single Word document, prepare a professional portfolio that you would submit to a prospective employer that includes the following:

  • A title page
  • Table of contents
  • An official professional autobiography
  • A cover letter
  • A resume
  • A 500-word paper describing your career goals
  • A listing of awards and honors
  • Work samples from your professional career or from university courses
  • Letters of reference
  • Any other completed career resources that you would like to include

Deliverable for part 1: A Word document of at least 10 pages that includes a full professional portfolio.

Part 2

In the Phase 3 Individual Project, you used Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection resources, to research entrepreneurism and small businesses and create an executive business plan presentation of 15–20 slides. Review the feedback received on your Phase 3 assignment, and submit a final polished draft of your Final Research Project.

Deliverable length: Revised Final Research Project of 15–20 slides (excl. Title and Reference slides, min. 20 references); Speaker notes 200–250 words/slide, company or brand logo graphic, commercial.

**Please note I will provide phase 3 IP**