After you identify your fictional company, you will choose one strategic goal (i.e., cross-sell more products, improve customer retention, build high-performing teams) from the lists on the URLs provided. Your goal must be an overall organizational goal not a goal that would already be considered an HR goal, such as reducing turnover. • • • you will choose one of the following HR functions that will help your company reach the goals you have chosen: • Job design • Recruitment and Selection • Talent development • Performance management • Compensation and Benefits You will research credible outside sources – such as HR Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc. and find an example of how an actual company used an HR activity from your group’s chosen HR function to impact the organization’s strategic goal. This can be from a written article or from a credible media source. The problem/solution approach taken by the company should be summarized on the slide. The objective here is to get buy-in from your executive audience by showing that others have successfully reached (or are reaching) strategic goals using HR functions/actions.You will pull all this together in a cohesive, executive style presentation. Format slides using bullet points. Use APA citations where appropriate. At a minimum, you should cite and include references from our textbook, the website you use for your strategic goal, and the source of the “HR in Practice” example. The slide should include a citation (can be at the bottom in smaller print) and your last slide should be a list of references in APA style. Minimum number of slides 1-2.Below is the information we are basing our project on: Fictional Company: Ice cream shop Strategic Goal: Improve Employee Retention HR Function: Compensation and BenefitsHR in Practice ( I only need you to focus on this part of the project). Find an outside article from a credible source that describes an actual company using an activity from your chosen HR function to contribute to a strategic goal. The example does not have to be the same as your proposed activity, just in the same function.