project charter for your workflow redesign

Assignment:Determine a work area in your organization that you would like to use for assignments in this course. Focusing on one area will help you organize your work for any future assignment.Construct a presentation using PowerPoints® with voice over and create a twelve-step project charter for your workflow redesign. This should be about a health care system component (Example of a system component could be the admission process into an emergency room) and frame the project in a quality-improvement modality by establishing a plan for improvement. In your text book page 228-229 list the twelve questions that must be answered for this assignment.Construct a PowerPoint® presentation of a workflow design for the same health care system component using appropriate Yourdon symbols and conventions.Include these steps to create your workflow redesign:identify process to be mapped;identify and involve individuals who perform the tasks;map the current state; assess current state workflow;identify opportunities for improvement;identify data to measure redesign outcomes;map future “to be” process; test new workflows and processes;train on new workflows and processes;go live with the new workflows and processes;and analyze data and refine workflows and processesThe PowerPoints® should include a title page, the twelve-step project charter and then your workflow redesign for the same health care component, then a reference page.