Project in US Government, The Judicial Branch , law homework help

Project- The Journey of a Court Case

Learn what happens to cases as they travel within a court and between courts. After you complete this project, you will know how a court case goes through the system.

Case Study: Colorado Judicial Branch

Go to the Colorado Judicial Branch’s website at and click on the Supreme Court. Going into the case announcements, find a case from any of the years listed to analyze. You will not know what the cases are about until you click on them individually; choose one at random, or choose one that interests you.

  • Write a paper of at least 500 words on what the case is about. Then make a flowchart for the journey of that specific court case. The flowchart can be in the form of a presentation, or you may use any other flowchart-making software you prefer.
    • For instance, did it start in the trial courts? Can you tell if it was county or district court?
    • Who won, and who appealed? Did it go to the Court of Appeals?
    • Who won and who appealed there?
    • What happened at the Supreme Court level?
    • Where will the case go from here (i.e. is it closed, or will it go back to the trial court?)?

Note: Though not a requirement for credit for this assignment, you can creatively make a flowchart for the journey of that specific court case. You may create a flow chart using Google Draw.oi if you have a google or dropbox account. You may use the general shapes, lines, flowchart, or arrows functions to create your flow chart.