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Answer Task 2 & 3

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Task 2:

a. Write the scope statement for the selected project. Your scope statement must include :

 Specific objectives

 Cost

 Duration

 Proposed technology that will used in the project

You can read the research paper “Significance of Scope in Project Success” by Muhammad

Nabeel Mirza and an article “Improve Project Success with Better Scope Management” by

Avneet Mathur which highlights the key aspects needed to consider while capturing the

scope of the project. (50 marks)

b. Identify the stakeholders for the selected system and propose ways to manage them. The

following will provide the basis for your analysis. You can use the template given below for


Stakeholder Influence Potential Conflicts Role Objectives Strategy

Task 3:

Identify any two Project Management software (excluding MS-Project) and present a synopsis

showing a comparison between the two. Highlight the strengths and weakness of the PM tools

under consideration in your own words. Also suggest a suitable tool in your opinion by

providing justification, from two, for planning and scheduling the selected project.