Assignment 1/2 15% each)Topics of The Rwandan Genocide and The Gendered Dimensions of GenocidePlease note that one of your assignment requirements in this course is that you have to complete TWO short reading response papers, one from the theoretical topics of the course, and one from the case study portion of the course. The purpose of these response papers is to get you to think critically about what you think you know about genocide and the different cases you no doubt would’ve encountered elsewhere. I will also be leaning on those who have written their response papers for each respective session as discussion leaders for that seminar session.The response papers should be a maximum of 1000 words, and outside research is not required. You are, however, required to critically engage with all of the assigned readings for your session by addressing the following points:Brief summary of the authors’ main pointsCommon themes that link the readings togetherMajor areas of divergence between the readingsKey unanswered questions that deserve further attention(Assignment 3 50%)a 6,000-7,000 word, a double-spaced paper that addresses a major question in the study of genocide or engages in a   novel comparative analysis of several case studies. The paper should be written in the form of the first draft of a paper intended for publication, meaning it should include a brief literature review,  a  theoretical argument,  and an empirical test of the theory.(I’m choosing to do a major question in the study of genocide Need a question)Will send overall research once approved.