Project Schedule – MS Project Software Experience Required, management homework help

Create an MS Project Schedule based on the fictitious project created about real estate development and property management company and it’s in the planning stages of developing an apartment/housing units (the report is attached). Describe the project and how you decided on tasks and relationships(this can be described in one paragraph in Word of course). The schedule needs to have at least 30 lines in MS Project software and have at least 10 relationships between tasks. A relationship is a link between tasks (i.e. finish to start). In addition, the schedule should have at least 5 summary tasks and 4 milestones (this part must be done in MS Project software). Don’t make this difficult, simply build the schedule based on a fictional/hypothetical project (attached). I prefer a Project Manager (PM) tutor who’s very familiar with MS Project software. However, if you’re not a PM tutor, someone who’s very familiar with creating project schedules in MS Project. This MUST be completed in MS Project not MS Word. Only respond if you have MS Project experience. Thank you!