Project Summary


To choose the project you will work on this month.

To draft a concise concept line/logline for your project.

To connect the above-the-line talent to the project.

Identify at least 1 differentiating factor for a piece of visual media.


Congratulations! You’ve been hired to produce a movie or music video. Over the course of the month, you will create a production schedule, budget, and marketing pitch for an existing music video or movie of your choosing, with a goal of convincing an investor of the potential return on his/her investment.

Design a branded Keynote or PowerPoint presentation that addresses each item listed below. Please match the font, color scheme and general aesthetic of your presentation to that of the project you have selected.

Title slide: Select a motion picture or music video released within the past ten years to break down and analyze. List the title, production company, writer and director. No sequels, please. The point is to figure out how it was made and lay it out as if you were the producer who originally pushed it forward. You should pick a movie or music video that interests you because all of your assignments in this class will be based on the project you choose this week. Picking something you like will make the assignments a lot more fun.

Source(s): Provide the or link for your movie or music video.

Concept Line (for music videos) or Logline (for movies): In one complete sentence, summarize the main premise of your movie or music video. Write your own original sentence. Do not use existing material you find online. For those of you who choose a music video, please describe the video concept (what we see in the video) rather than the story told by the lyrics. Many music videos are abstract and do not follow the storyline in the lyrics.

Talent: Find headshots of key cast members and above-the-line key personnel (ie: Director, Producer, Writer, Choreographer). Name 1-2 notable projects this person has worked on and write 1-2 sentences explaining this person’s connection to the target audience. Use the actual people who worked on the movie or video you have chosen. Do not select new above-the-line talent.

Differentiating Factor: Identify at least 1 thing that differentiates your project from other similar projects already in existence.

References: Provide references relevant to your research for this assignment in APA format. HINT: There should be a reference for each cast member in your talent section. Please also include references in APA format for any images used in this assignment.


How to Write a Logline for a Movie

List of Active Verbs

Writing for Visual Media, 4th Ed., Logline

Anatomy of a Premise Line by Jeff Lyons, Part 1: Premise and Story


Please export your Keynote or Power Point presentation to a PDF and submit the PDF file. Please be sure that the branding of your presentation matches the branding of the project you chose including: color, font and aesthetic.

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