Project/Team Management

Based upon your MindMap and reflections Journal, apply the process of Strategic Project Management to the talent management issue/challenge you described in the Dialogue Forum in Week 1. From your description and MindMap, you will develop a project to address talent management issues such as high turnover, low productivity, training, and succession planning.TEXT PORTION – Part 1In Part 1, use your journal reflections to write a 2-3 page paper describing the talent (people, team members and their contributions in terms of KSAs) you will need for your project. Be specific about the expertise you will need to design, develop, and implement your project. Be sure your paper has:Title Page with your name,Introduction with a statement of purpose and description of your project,Main Section detailing who (stakeholders) needs to be part of your team and their expertise in terms of KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities), andConclusion specifying your next steps in engaging the talent you need for your project’s success.Be sure you focus on the talent (not just tasks) you will need to make your project work – what kinds of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are required and why? Who needs to be on your team and what will their contribution be in terms of KSAs? How will you address the gaps if the expertise you need is not available? Be sure to identify the resources you need, especially in terms of skilled and talented people (Human Resources). Identify the talent the project requires. Explain how you plan to get those needs met.GRID PORTION (LogFrame) – Part 2In Part 2. you create a Logical Framework Grid for your project. This is your first opportunity to apply what you have read and viewed in Project Management Made Simple by Terry Schmidt (2009).  Through Schmidt’s  Logical Framework you will experience the fundamental steps of project management (analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation) starting with analysis of your project – its purpose, goals, objectives, inputs, and expected outcomes. Through this assignment you will ask yourself and your team mates many of the basic questions you must know before proceeding with the next phases of project development. Be sure your grid includes the KSAs you need to make your project successful (from Part 1). See attachment for an example of a SPM LogFrame Grid.You may want to look at the following example to help guide you through the process: