Promoting Health and Wellness

nutrition and health of children and family

Several weeks ago, the Smith family enrolled their 4-year-old son,

Trevor, in your child care center. As Trevor’s teacher, you have

already observed that Trevor does not like to participate in activities

that involve running, climbing, jumping, or more than minimal physical

movement. When presented with toys such as a ball or mitt, Trevor seems

clumsy and unsure of how to use them, making him reluctant to play with

the other children outdoors. Furthermore, Trevor’s parents shared with

you that his pediatrician noted Trevor’s weight is above average for his

height. His parents often send him to school with his lunch bag full of

snacks such as cheese puffs and sugary drinks. During her initial

interview with Trevor’s family, Mr. and Mrs. Smith mentioned to you that

Trevor spends most of his free time playing handheld video games and

watching cartoons. The Smiths said they would like to spend more time

with Trevor playing outdoors, but their work schedules make this very


  1. What health concerns do you have about Trevor based on the information you have about Trevor and his family?
  2. How can you encourage Trevor to participate in more physical activities at the center?
  3. You have an upcoming parent-teacher conference with Trevor’s parents. How can you respectfully discuss your concern about the type of snacks he brings to school?

Your discussion post should be at least 200 words in length.