Propaganda and Persuasive, Powerpoint presentation help

Your final project and report should showcase the important pieces of knowledge you have acquired during this course of study and an analysis of what you consider to be the most important issue influencing Propaganda and Persuasion within 19th 20th and 21st Century society, You are to choose from the work that we have studied. may contain other items importance, which you believe necessary, for a thorough understanding of the persuasion and propaganda dynamics of our daily lives.

The final project should be the sum totals of what you consider to be the most important elements of knowledge you have assimilated as a result of your course of study. You are to prepare a final report and power point/prezi presentation, which explains the information components you have acquired, from this course of study, which you believe are the most important to you. You are requested to explain why you have made your specific selections and the criteria you have used in making your determinations. You are specifically required to reference the section of the text, or other coursework, where your selected topics were discussed. This information would translate into a four to five page paper with a reference page and at least three (3) citations.

Additionally, you are to reference at least three other sources you have utilized other than the text. The final must be prepared as an electronic document and submitted electronically to me. It must include actual data you have researched on your subject and prepared in addition to appropriate reference citations, Internet links, graphics, etc.


Four to Five pages (No cover page please….that is waste) (40% of the grade)

Must include an informal survey covering your topic (survey size: no less than five people with five questions 15% of the grade)

Double spaced 12 point font/traditional margins/Arial or Times Roman

Reference Page

Three citations (at least). 10% of the grade)

PowerPoint: covers report and research (information on PPT must different than what is in the report), 4 to 5 slides (with an additional slide); must have data included in it. (35% of grade)