PSY428 Wk4 Self Reflection essay

Week Four Assignment – Self-Reflection Paper

Self-reflection Paper:
The purpose of the self-reflection essay is for students to examine how their history, values, emotions, and/or beliefs contribute to their understanding of class material or concepts. One of the primary requirements is the ability to look at oneself openly and honestly and to convey such awareness in the essay. Students are to address the following:

With reference to research and theorists, describe your relationships with principle care givers in your life and with the environment in which you were raised and how these have affected your development as a person. How has your experience changed as you have become an adult? What is your understanding of how your experience and development differs from your parents’, children’s, and/or grandparents’ experience?

Bring in material from the readings and peer-reviewed reserarch and illustrate it with your developmental experience as case material. The paper should be 7-9 pages in length.

The signature assignment for this course is your self-reflection essay. Please make sure to keep a graded copy of your assignment because you will need to include it in your portfolio, which is due on the first day of your Senior Project course.

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