PSY5109 Week 4 – Assignment: Assess Dimensions of Personality

For this task, you will select five well-known historical individuals (living or deceased) to illustrate the two extremes of the Big Five Model dimensions. Develop a chart that presents where the individual falls for each of the Big Five traits. Then, summarize using examples of the individual’s behavior that supports your analysis.For example, some people could argue that former President Bill Clinton would score high in extraversion because he seems to draw energy from being surrounded by people while President Barack Obama would score low because he seems to surround himself with a few trusted friends and family to re-energize.Select five well-known historical individuals (living or deceased).Use one chart for each figure you selected to determine where each individual falls on each of the Big Five dimensions.Provide a brief 1-page summary explaining your analysis for each individual.Support each summary with at least one scholarly source.Consider using the following chart example to develop and present your chart:Oprah WinfreyHIGHLOWOpen to ExperienceXConscientiousnessXExtraversionXAgreeablenessXNeuroticismXLength: 5 individual charts of historic people; and a 1-page summary for each individual listed (for a total of 5 summaries)