COURSE TEXTBOOK (FOR REFERENCE) : Psychology in Everyday Life, by Myers and Dewall, 5th Edition: 1) what specific theory you read about struck you as most important to the field of psychology as a whole; 2) what aspect of psychology do you feel is underexplored based on our readings; 3) which researcher we discussed in the course do you feel contributed the most to psychological though – explain why you feel this way compared to other researchers; 4) how do you feel the material in this course can be integrated with other courses you have taken in high school or college e – explain; 5) how do you feel you may be able to apply things you have learned in this course into aspects of your life outside of school – explain (and if you feel you cannot, explain why you feel this way). There are 5 writing prompts; be sure to address each prompt for full credit.  Everything in this paper must be in your own words, or put in quotes and cited if from an article, textbook or outside resource of any type, otherwise it will be considered plagiarism and a zero will be given. Avoid just rehashing definitions presented in the readings and do not rehash a previous paper. This should be between 650 – 1000 words typed, with times new roman 12 point font, with 1 inch margins. Your name and any title you give it (or references) will not count toward the 650 word minimum or 1000 word maximum. Turnitin will be utilized. This is due by 11:59pm, Sunday 10-4PreviousNext