Psychology Questions

– 6 psy questions, each answer in one paragraph with a citation (total of 6 paragraphs) No Plagiarism

1. List the three main issues addressed by personality theories and some of the questions that each issue raises.

2. Alex dreams that he has a brand new baseball bat, bigger than any he has had before.Discuss this dream from a Freudian perspective.In your answer, include the manifest content of the dream and the latent content of the dream.

3. Discuss the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. from a Jungian approach. Talk about the psychological types that describes Dr. King as well as how Dr. King exemplifies the archetype of the hero.

4. Discuss the research on Adler’s birth order theory.

5. Describe Erikson’s proposed ninth stage of psychosocial development. How does this stage impact very old adults?

6. Discuss the impact of narcissism on individuals and relationships.