Psychotherapy models treatment (Mental Health)

Paper Guidelines (8 -10 pages)Develop a paper on the effectiveness of psychotherapy models for a specific disorder.The disorder can be depression ( in general or one type of depression); anxiety (or a specific anxiety disorder such as phobias), eating disorders (anorexia or bulimia); substance use disorders, etc.  NOTE : Use Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat GENERAL ANXIETY DISORDERThe paper should specify in the introduction, the disorder and its definition, and usual symptoms, and the types and names of psychotherapy models found to be effective in its treatment (literature search, may be 3 or 4 models). Cite the most convincing research: describe the sample, data collection, findings and conclusion of at least-four published studies. The studies may be (but do not have to be) on the same model; however, the research should be on one specific disorder. Critique each study—are these strong studies on effectiveness? What are the studies’ limitations?Explain why the studies chosen support a specific model’s use. For example, has cognitive therapy for eating disorders been shown to be more effective than psychodynamic models because of the symptom of dichotomous thinking? Are there cultural implications that affect the model’s effectiveness?Finally, describe the implications for your practice.Format /Organization of Paper1. Introduction:a. Disorder Definedb. Models commonly used, (This could be theory, expert opinion, as well as research publications) for the disorderc. Models cited on effectiveness for the disorder in your literature search (might be several)2. Body of Paper:d. Introduce this sectione. Cited Research and description on the Effectiveness of specific models (4 studies) for the disorder you have chosen with critique of the studyf. Do the findings conclude the model plus pharmacology is the most effective? Psychotherapy alone? Cultural Implications of the model’s use?3. Implications for Your Practice (how psychiatrist or nurse practitioners can use this effectively in their practice).4. Summary of Paper5.  ConclusionsThis mean the paper will have these headings:1. Introduction2. Body3. Implication for the practice ( how psychiatrist or nurse practitioners can use this effectively in their practice).4. Summary of the paper5. Conclusion.