Punishment and/or Protection, law homework help

The goals of corrections are to punish and protect. When these two functions do not correspond and align, corrections faces goal conflict. Correctional activities make sense when prisoners are punished fairly. The law gives us parameters for fairness line-drawing. Those parameters are not always consistent and have the potential for interpretation in some instances. Conflicts or vagueness between the goals of punishment and protection can cause problems.


Suppose you have been tasked with identifying potential action areas in correctional facilities in your county, to avoid legal problems and to address safety concerns. To gain context and develop your understanding of the topic, you will begin by researching conflict throughout the history of corrections. For your assignment, research two sources of conflict throughout history, associated with punishment and protection in corrections. Use that research to address the following in a 2 page paper, citing two academically verified references:

  1. Describe the two conflicts between punishment and protection, based on your research.
  2. Explore the causes of the two conflicts in corrections you have identified.
  3. Lay out two measures that could be taken, looking ahead, to avoid the identified conflicts.

Please follow the directions!! There are 3 bullets, so there should be 3 paragraphs. Please label each paragraph with the appropriate bullet. Please do not use a source that I cannot verify.