Briefly summarize the article and its findings.Critique and review the writing style of the article. Specifically, consider the following aspects:What did you notice about the “voice” or “tone” of the article?What techniques or structure did the author(s) use in their writing?Is the information clear? (if so, how does the author’s writing style create clarity? if no, discuss what areas or parts are unclear and why is it not clear to you as the reader.)Introduction/Background/Significance: Does the article provide adequate justification and convey the importance of the problem that they are focusing on? What elements of the Introduction/Background support this? If you believe that there is insufficient information, what would enhance the section to make it more compelling to you?Methods: Does the article provide a clear overview of what intervention(s) were implemented?Conclusion/Implication: Does the article provide appropriate conclusions? Does it relate back to the original introduction?ARTICLE IS ATTACHEDBETWEEN 500-750 WORDSAPA GRADUATE LEVEL OF WRITING