Quality Mgmt W2:A1

Satisfying the customers of an organization is a requirement for business success. Therefore, customer perceptions matter when trying to decide what products and services the organization will offer. From time to time, improvements to products or services will be needed. In order for an organization to improve, changes must be made, either in terms of the way activities are accomplished or in the nature of the activities being done.In your exploration of these concepts, respond to the following:What element of establishing an organizational strategy might lead an organization to need to implement changes?How would you determine what needs to be changed in an organization?If customers’ wants and needs are to be incorporated into the planning for change within the organization, what tools or strategies might be used to make sure that the “voice of the customer” is heard in making such plans for change?Which is your preferred brand or company with which you are highly satisfied? Which are the attributes of the company or brand that have made you its loyal follower or advocate? Which main attribute of the brand or company, if lost, would force you to switch to another brand?Please post references in APA format