Question on any school of management theory

You are to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the following: Choose a school management theory and prepare a presentation. The presentation must include:The name of the theory, who developed it, and when.An explanation of the theory.c.      A notable user of the theory (for example, the Gilbreths and Scientific Mgt., pp. 26–27 of the textbook) and the contributions made by that theorist.d.     What this theory can teach today’s health care administrator in terms of optimizing services, managing staff, and planning for the future.e.      A minimum of 15 slides total: A title page with name of presentation, your name, and name of course, at least 13 slides with information, and at least one reference page showing at least three references you have found. References should be in APA style.If you have detailed materials, which you should, you should add this information to the notes section. (This does not appear on the slide. You should do this with any other detailed info so slides will not be crowded.)