Questions on Crime Victims by Andrew Karmen

These short answer questions are intended to measure your understanding of the material.These questions can be answered in no less than 175 words. The book is isbn13: 978-1-133-04972-2 Crime Victims by andrew Karmen

Remember APA formatting

  • Cover page
  • Double spacing
  • In-text citations
  • Reference page
  • Running head
  • Write your answers in paragraph form (5-7 sentences) and keep bulleted points to a minimum.
  • Use quotations carefully and sparingly. I want to read what you know and your analysis.
  • Imagine you are asking a colleague to read your answer, would they understand what you are saying?  Write your answer for someone who does not know the issues.

1. Explain the three approaches to addressing the crime of sexual assault through history.

2. Describe how different types of rape are treated differently by both the public and the criminal justice system.

3. Why should we be concerned about violence occurring in prisons between inmates?

4. Who is impacted most by the crime of stalking? What is the general scope of the problem and what are some ways it is being addressed?

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