Racial Stereotypes in Training Day

Step 1: choose a film or television program that fits within an identifiable genre(e.g. the Western, Romantic Comedy, Detective story, etc)

Step 2: Write a response to the film that analyzes plot, character and iconography(imagery, costumes, props, celebrity actors) Begin by introducing your reader to the genre. You do not have to list all of these elements, only the most important ones. Then, develop an analysis around the most important characters, plot points, or significant visual imagery. This will be the most important part of your essay. Finally, conclude by linking your analysis back to the big question-how might we counteract the harmful effects of stereotypes?

*some questions you might consider as you develop a main argument:

-How well does this film/TV show work against stereotypical representations in this genre

-How does this film/TV show construct an imaginary world and what kind of ideologies are enforced?

-Are there any ambiguities in the characters or plot? What are the implications of these open-ended elements?


-Actual essay response should be at 1000-1300 words

-In necessary, include photographs in your text, with a properly labeled and credited caption

-Other formatting guidelines are open, however, all sources should be cited according to MLA or Chicago style.

The outline is worth 5% of the final grade, the essay is worth 15%

the outline is attached