Radicalised individuals assignment

Assignment requirements

Please note and comply with these requirements.

In this assignment, there is a need to:

*Show competence in communicating ideas in written form about security studies.

*Demonstrate competence in academic writing (political science and security studies).

*The max word limit is 1,000 words. Please do not write any lesser then 1,000 or more then 1,100 words

*Structure your answers in an essay format

*Providing proper in-text citations (APA Style) and complete referencing

*Strictly follow APA formatting and in particular for: in-text citations and end-of-report references

Question Pointers

Please highlight the following pointers in the answer:

·Evaluate if the radicalised individuals are just mindless sponges that absorb whatever

·Or are they innocent individuals whom went online and just came across something online and was radicalised

·Include pointer on radicalisation

·Look at other countries like Malaysia & Indonesia

·Highlight why or how they get radicalised

·What are the programmes for de-radicalisation, like rehabilitation

·Start question with an intro and end question with a conclusion