Read an article then make a PowerPoint

Please read the article I attach below (Nonverbal communication in the workplace) then make a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint should contain these:

– (please leave the first page for me so I can put my name and stuff like that on it)

article information (title/published date/or other must know information about the article)

bio information about the authors and co-authors (their background etc)

background about this article (synopsis of the literature review)

research questions (the most important part!!!!!!!!!! Just put whatever information in this article that you think is VERY important. It can be more than one. Like the main topics/problems/issues that are being discussed in the article)


Please cover the points I listed above and the PowerPoint should be about 10 minutes long. And as you know, as a good PowerPoint, every page should not contain too many words, just some main sentences. So the rest of the words I have to say while presenting, please type them down in a Word file.

For example like page 3 in PowerPoint is to introduce the authors, then you can put some basic info about the author, his/her name, previous job, where he/she had work before and what books/article he/she had written before in PowerPoint file. Then in the Word file you can mark and type down what I have to say for the certain pages.

Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks.