read and answer question to analysis case

Papers are to be no more than two pages in length, singlespaced with oneinch margins all around and 12 point Times New Roman font. I will upload the textbook and case. Case 13: “China’s Home Improvement Market: Should Home Depot Enter or Will it Have a Late-Mover (Dis)advantage?” in the textbook. 3 QUESTION: 1. Provide a detailed analysis of the firm’s general environment in China. Highlight the economic segment, demographic segment, political/legal segment, and sociocultural segment.
2. Research additional materials (e.g. Case 12 in the textbook). Perform an internal analysis to identify Home Depot’s strengths and weaknesses.
3. Based on the materials available to you, identify Home Depot’s strategic options for entering the China market (focus on the available entry modes). Which mode of entry would you have recommended?