Read and response

Hi, class is English 101

The assignment is (read and response)

here is the link to the profile or the article you showed read it

Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast…

Here is the assignment after you read the profile:

In your reading response, I would like you to discuss/analyze elements of the profile you found to be intriguing orparticularly engaging. Comment on what you think the angle is, what kind of lead is used, how well the author includes direct quotes and background information, and other relevant topics we have covered. With read and respond assignments, I am looking for more of an analysis instead of a summary of or commentary on the piece (so,while you might tell me why you did or did not like the piece, you need to explain why in light of what we havediscussed related to the genre).

I will provide and upload a files that will help you to answer the questions (You must read it after or before the link)

Please answer all the questions