DUE  SUNDAY 3PM NEW YORK TIME1-2 PAGE APA FORMAT IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCE PAGE. PLEASE USE THE READINGS AND LINKS IN CITATIONS AND REFERENCES.  PLEASE CONSULT THE LINKS IN DEVELOPMENT OF AND AID OF THE RESEARCH QUESTIONResearch Question Guidelines (PDF)Capstone Project: Research QuestionFor this Assignment, you refine your research question from the upoladed word document. Then the Research Question Guidelines located in this week’s Learning Resources.To complete:Compare your research question to the Research Question Guidelines document and refine accordingly.State your (Redefined) research question.Write a 1- to 2-page rationale for your research question, including why the question is relevant to public administration, public policy, or nonprofit management.ReadingsEmpire State College. (n.d.). Developing a research question. Retrieved August 28, 2014, from Peer Review Guidelines (PDF)This document provides a list of review attributes and criteria to judge the strengths and weaknesses of research questions, and advises using diplomacy when giving feedback.Document: Research Question Guidelines (PDF)Research questionWhat are some of the success factors in programs such as Missouri Reentry Process that reduce recidivism?Justification for research questionMost of issues on recidivism usually focus on the traits of the offender to establish their likelihood of them repeating the criminal activity. This research question however was chosen to confirm on whether the education provided in such programs and the prison based education has an effect after all in reducing recidivism. It has been established previously that a convict participating in state’s most successful programs usually is 50% likely to engage in criminal activity about two years after release. Therefore, there are certain characteristics with programs such as Missouri Reentry Process that leads to success in terms of reducing recidivism.This research will hence seek to establish the extent to which leadership and implementation, staff of the program, offender assessment, treatment components and other correctional practices, and quality assurance could help to reduce recidivism. Basically, this is a crucial aspect of research as it affects the society a great deal. This is in the sense that, when the offenders get released to the society, without having appropriate and yet necessary tool that enable them to become productive members in the society, they will have a higher potential of being threat to the safety of the public and as such are also at risk a of becoming offenders again (Booth & Williams, 2008).One of the problems encountered in coming up with the research question is deciding the most appropriate question that covers the whole topic. I knew the area of the topic but didn’t have a specific topic. Another problem was clearly articulating the question into a definite scope. Finally, another problem encountered was trying to come up a research question that has materials to support the research (Booth & Williams, 2008).