Refine Your Resolution of an Issue

Please wright a 100 word answer or more  to the question 

How would each of you decide what actions should be taken to come up with a strong resolution to an issue? How do you recognize and overcome what difficulties may arise?

Here are some steps to refining our solutions to a problem:

1. What actions should be taken in general?

2. What difficulties need to be considered?

  A. Finding imperfections and complications.

  B. Comparing your plan of action with other plans.

  C. Considering what effect these changes will create and list them.

  D. Considering what effect these changes will have on people in general.

3. Select the best idea and implement the improvements. 

So class, by taking all these areas into consideration to refine our solution, what improvements could be made to the following issues?

Should Children Pledge Allegiance?

Should the Miranda Rule Be Abolished?

Are there any current issues that need to be changed or corrected?