reflection paper 2

Review the content regarding Career Fair preparation in the links below and view all of the videos.  Write a reflection paper using the assignment below.Read the Career Fair Preparation Document on the CDC website: all of the following YouTube Videos:Networking to Advance Your Career – Attire - to Prepare an Elevator Pitch – Employers Want – Introducing Yourself at a Career Fair – to Ace an Interview:  5 Tips from a Harvard Career Advisor - Language That Gets the Job – to Negotiating the Best Salary – to Change Careers – Employers Look for – (although filmed in New Zealand, these skills are universal in today’s job market) Management – (although long, this video has a CEO perspective on hiring employees, w/info on his own career path – interesting and worthwhile!) Paper Assignment: As you prepare for the career fair or your next steps in your career, consider your experiences from the option you completed, and in your reflection paper discuss your job/career search strategy. How do you plan to identify career opportunities for which you will apply? How do you plan to use your networks to connect to career opportunities? What message do you want employers to receive about your skills and abilities? How will you communicate that message to them? What was the most important thing you learned from completing the option you selected?#paper needs to be two full pages.