Reflective Essay

1. Identify and assess the major tools and techniques presented in this class. How can these tools be used in the practice of planning and public administration?

2. Which tools or techniques seemed most interesting or effective to you? Describe.

3. How would you plan to use these tools (identify one or two) in your workplace as a professional planner or administrator. Describe.

Course Syllabus

Strategic Planning is a central feature of the practice of planning and public administration within government, and also within non-profit organizations and in business. Strategic Planning in this course is framed broadly and organized around these three topical areas: 1) decision-making; 2) management; and 3) team/community building. Strategic Planning “decision-making” emphasizes policy analysis through the study of critical issues or problems that face governments (and businesses/non-profit organizations) in a rational, systematic, and organized framework leading to analysis of issues and recommendations for action by decision-makers. Management uses MBOR for development of Mission, Goals, Objectives, and development of Work Plans. It also includes organizational assessment processes, budgeting, program, and performance management, and modules on grants writing and project/program evaluation. Team Building includes SWOT processes and group interaction to build common understanding and actions.
This class will introduce students to the processes of policy “issue analysis,” to the dynamics and applications of policy analysis techniques within organizations, and to recommendations for action based upon policy analysis. This can include management to include budgeting, and team/community-building.
There will be lectures and workbook/text readings on all topical areas. Students will be expected to select an organization (a non-profit organization, local government, or tribal government) to complete policy analysis tasks and assignments where possible, either in your own workplace or some selected setting. The products will include presentations and reports on each individual topic, along with descriptions of processes, and policy analysis exercises. Students will be expected to be active participants in submitting assignments and assessing other student assignments and activities through timely submission of assignments and weekly phone chats.

Purpose: The purpose of this class is to present and have student learn and gain an understanding of policy analysis methods and techniques within government. Students will be expected to learn and demonstrate the use of these methods and techniques in applications assignments and exercises both in class and between classes.