Edward Snowden, who leaked classified material states, “These things need to be determined by the public, not somebody who is simply hired by the government.” What ethical implications do you think were going through Snowden’s mind before he started his whistle blowing? From this current event, reference a concept or principle from our textbook or class discussion that relates to this scenario.PLEASE EXPLAIN WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND WHY? (1 Page)Edward Snowden the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations believed that what he did was the ethical thing to do.  After years of working for the CIA and NSA Snowden came to realize in his mind that the things that the government were doing to obtain information or turn things in their favor were wrong and very unethical in his opinion.  Edward Snowden in my opinion is a smart individual and he used his talents and knowledge to exploit a culture that he once dreamed of being a part of in the military after realizing that their ethics did not align with the he dreamed of them being or what he was sold on.  I do not agree with the actions of Snowden however, he is entitled to his own opinion and he based his decision solely off what he thought the ethics of the government should be.The NSA would like all us to believe that Snowden is a terrible individual and the crime committed put the National Security along with citizens at risk and who knows if that was the case.  We see and read about the CIA, NSA, and other government agencies and we can only hope and pray that they are making the right ethical decisions when it comes to protecting the individuals.  I do not know Snowden on a personal level nor do I know anyone who works for the CIA or NSA.  Edward Snowden believed that the CIA tactics were unethical so he exposed the truth and all we can do is respect his opinion and continue to do things the ethical way in the eyes of all citizens.