Research appropriate insurance plans, business and finance homework help

Research appropriate insurance plans

Research, identify, and describe appropriate insurance plans for a small business. Complete your response by answering the following:

1. Describe the types of policies and coverage needed for a typical small business.

2. List the appropriate limits, deductibles, exclusions, and premiums, for the coverage identified in Q1.

3. Explain how insurance can mitigate the risks a small company faces, and discuss its limitations.

4. Describe the various risks a small company needs to mitigate.

5. Explain how much the various policies cost on an annual basis. (Use any relevant online or professional quotes to

get a feel about the cost level)

6. Describe the various sources of these policies, and discuss how the policies can be obtained.

7. Present an insurance coverage plan for a business you would like to start or work for. What coverage is needed,

and how much will the plan cost?

APA format is NOT required