Research design on topic: the influence of Chinese culture and capital of Hollywood film industry, management homework help

Topic: the influence of Chinese culture and capital of Hollywood film industry,(you can helpe me make the topic more particular)

Research Design

1.What is the rationale for your dissertation project? (250 words maximum)

This should indicate what has motivated you to choose this topic – why is it important? It may result from your studies, from past experience, current developments, or career expectations. It may be a problem in an organisation with which you are familiar, a mathematical model you want to test, or a theory, or gap in theory, you want to explore. Explain the context that excites your interest.

2.What is the main research aim of your dissertation project? (100 words maximum)

You should state one or two aims which are as focused as is possible from your initial readings. Try to define both the concept and the context that you wish to examine. If, however, this is an applied project that you are independently-arranging, state the organisation’s problem that you hope to solve.

3.Which broad research methodology do you plan to use?

At this stage, the detailed research approach or technique does not matter – consultation with published studies in your field of research will enable you to justify this later on.


qualitative (ie interpretive)

mixed (excluding case studies)

case study

If you are intending to use primary data, please state how you expect to gain access to the organisation, respondents, or interviewees (50 words maximum).

4.Identify any ethical issues related to your planned dissertation project (50 words maximum).

Please enter ‘none’ below if you can identify no ethical issues.

5.Engagement with the literature

You will need theory to convert your research aim into research questions or hypotheses; if you are doing an applied project, you will be applying theory.

Give an indication of the theory you have found to be relevant to your research field so far, citing appropriate references (250 words maximum)