Research project Review

I would like some assistance with proof reading and adjusting sentence structure. This is the work I have so far and I just want to ensure it is plagiarism free and of original work before I submit it for a final grade. This was the assignment instructions:

The research paper project is a two part assignment. The first section of the project you will provide an in-depth analysis of the developmental model as suggested by Scott and Steinberg. Provide an overview of how adolescent development, immaturity, and competence play a role in adolescent behavior and how the developmental model accounts for these factors. Additionally provide an analysis that compares and contrasts the role of interventions that are played out in the reform, punitive and developmental model. Be sure to utilize research studies that provide an overview of all three philosophies, and discusses their effectiveness and shortcomings. This section of the research paper should be 8-10 pages long.

Part II of the research project requires you to develop a rehabilitation program that utilizes the developmental model. You will present this rehabilitation model in a power point presentation and should be no more than 10 slides. The ppt will provide an overview of the program, the goals of the program, the treatment methods that will be utilized in the program, and what the designed outcomes would be for an adolescent to graduate from that program.

The first section of the final project is to be 8-10 pages long with a cover page, abstract, headers, APA 6th ed citations and references. Do Not Use MLA or any other form of referencing. The second section needs to be included as a separate Power Point attachment.