Research risk management, discussion help


1-Research risk management approaches for managers. (You must find the research)

2-View Videos: (See the link)

a-Price Your Flight Algorithm

b-Set D: Management Functions and Risk Management


Discuss how a similar “set your price” approach could be used for Heritage Doll with –

A- Match my Doll product line.

B- Design your own Doll product line.

+ In separate file

You should write two general comments about the topic.

+ Note:

1- Write more than 1 page and less than 4 pages

2-Avoid plagiarism.

3-The following format guidelines are suggested:

-standard 1″ margins
-single-spacing (text)
-double-spacing between paragraphs
-no paragraph indentation (left justified)
-size 12 font, Times New Roman, black text
-italicized or bold font for section headings

4- See attachment which is factsheet of Heritage Doll that I have wrote. Also, I will provide the article of Heritage Doll that you may use it.