Research TNC: Microsoft Corporation and Answering the How, Why, and Where Questions, Economics Assignment

Write a 3-5 page report

TNC: Microsoft Corporation

1) Clearly explain why the corporation is globalizing: mainly for market access reasons, for sourcing efficiency reasons, or for some complex mix of the two. “To increase profits” is not a good answer to this question!

2) Demonstrate as clearly and specifically as possible where it is globalizing.

  • Give attention to the locational advantages in the places it globalizes and the conditions that create those advantages.  For example, is the local government initiating policies to reduce taxes for foreign business?  Are there institutions in place that suppress wages for workers?  Or are there environmental/ecological reasons? (i.e. climate for growing coffee beans).

3) Explain in detail how it is globalizing–(for example, through mergers and acquisitions, contracting with independent suppliers, .etc). 

  • While this will become clearer after future lessons, you should also begin thinking about what specific changes in the present era make its globalization possible (for example, changes in the international division of labor, changes in currency markets, .etc)

Be sure to read the instructions and include a works cited list.


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