Read:Rothstein (2015)-1.pdfView:  PBS’ (2014) Separate and Unequal number your responses so we can easily view your answer to questions 1 and 2.Rothstein’s (2014) article and PBS’ (2014) Separate and Unequal video highlight an ongoing issue in the U.S. regarding the “new segregation” battle.  With what you learned through the article and Frontline video, respond to the following prompt.As a society, how do we:ensure schools are desegregated AND high quality? Be specific. (2 points)address parents AND community members that want to break off and create new schools? Be specific. (2 points)In this assignment, you will do the following:Write at least 1 paragraph (5-8 sentences) for each question.You must include 1 in-text citation in APA format (it can be from the Separate and Unequal film, Rothstein (2014) article, other material assigned this week, or outside sources). You are only required to have one citation total (not 1 citation per paragraph)A strong response will propose solutions/strategies for the above questions regarding desegregation, creating high-quality schools in all areas, and working with parents to ease tensions/concerns over their children’s education.