Saudi Arabia: Getting the House in Order World Oil Markets (Case Study)

Question one (Up to 50% Marks): (1250 words +/- 10 %) Explain and discuss why has Saudi Arabia’s economy grown so slowly over the past two decades evaluating the role played by the oil industries. Answer Requierd before 12 March 2017
Question 2 (Up to 50 % Marks): (1250 words +/- 10 %)Explain the challenges that the Saudi regime face in regard of economic stability and discuss what should Crown Prince Abdullah do to “get his house in order”. Answer Required before 14 March 2017

Note: 1.Each answer should not be more then 1250 word and not less then 1125, excluding references. 2. References used mostly preferred to be journals and articles (references should be accessible and in Harvard style, please refer to the attached files). 3. Please use standard English Language level. 4.Question explanation included in the doc. files