SC#1 – RE

Answer the written recommendationScenario 1Sally and Jim are a young couple facing foreclosure on their home. They have been unable to make any mortgage payments over the past six months since Jim was laid off from his job as a construction worker, so their mortgage holder has initiated foreclosure proceedings that threaten to terminate their ownership in the next 60 days. As dedicated Christians, Sally and Jim believe that they have an obligation to honor their legal and financial obligations to the best of their ability, so they are investigating any alternatives to foreclosure. Their home has recently been appraised at $140,000 and they have a current first mortgage balance of $100,000 and a second mortgage balance of $15,000.Your group must research and write a recommendation for Sally and Jim.· What are the alternatives that may be available to Sally and Jim and how would you recommend that they proceed? Explain your recommendation.· Explain how a biblical worldview has or has not influenced the recommendation provided for Sally and Jim.