Security, accounting homework help

Last night one of your most senior and conscientious employees, George, was finishing cleaning up when he found a USB storage drive on the seat cushion of bench seats which are often used for short business meetings for customers.

The café had been particularly busy that day and although he knows many customers by name he couldn’t recall who had been sitting there. In an effort to find out who owned the USB drive, George plugged the USB stick into one of the café’s network computers and clicked on the USB drive icon in my computer.

After a few minutes of flashing the screen on the computer went blue only to come back having a skull and cross bones appear. George immediately pulled out the USB stick and rebooted the computer only to get the same image again.

George quickly called you and you came down to the shop only to find that all of the data files on the network server had been erased.

With all the data files, such as sales, accounts payable & receivable, inventory, banking, HST reports, supplier data, employee data, policies/procedures, etc… on the network server erased:

1. What in all likelihood has happened here?

2. What are the possible consequences?

3. How could this have been prevented?

4. How will you recover from this? (state assumptions)