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watch this video and answer the following


1. Assume that a court decided that the driver was on a detour from his regular duties and that the driver was negligent when he ran over Mr. Melnick’s dog. Who would be liable to Mr. Melnick? SELECT ONE

a. Both Oscar (or his store) and the driver

b. The store only; neither Oscar nor the driver

c. The driver only

d. Neither Oscar (or his store) nor the driver

e. Oscar (or his store) only

2. Assume that Oscar tells Mr. Melnick that he will pay for Melnick’s dog, even if not legally required to do so, because he thinks the driver did the right thing by driving the van to the hospital. Is Oscar now liable to pay damages?

Select one:

a. yes, because of operation of implied authority

b. yes, because of operation of ratification

c. no, because of operation of implied ratification

d. yes, because of operation of express authority

e. no, because of operation of implied authority

3. The duty of agents to principals that the driver most likely violated by driving the store’s customer to the hospital in Oscar’s store’s truck without Oscar’s express permission is:

Select one:

a. notification

b. loyalty

c. obedience

d. accounting

e. all of the above

4. FILL IN THE BLANKS :When a principal, through words or actions, causes a third party to believe that an agent has authority to act for the principal, courts may find a/an ______________to exist. This is somewhat different from a situation in which an agent does what is reasonably necessary to accomplish the authorized objectives of his or her agency, which we call _______________ . In either case, because agency exists, the principal has a duty to the agent to provide ______________ to him or her for legal liabilities the agent may incur in the course and scope of the agency; that is, to pay him or her back for any money damages suffered. The agent in turn, owes the principal both _________ , which means that the agent cannot pursue personal or any other party’s interest in carrying out the goal of the agency, and _____________ , meaning the agent must follow all lawful and clear instructions of his or her principal in conducting the agency.

OPTIONS: Loyalty, obedience, indemnification, cooperation, implied authority, performance, compensation, apparent authority, express authority

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