Short essay Select ONE Crime Against Persons, law homework help

  1. Select ONE Crime Against Persons (ie. Assault/Battery, Rape, Murder, Kidnapping etc.)
  2. Research a State and its Statute concerning the Crimes against Persons and explain the elements necessary to prove the case. (See Legal Research Link or the Webliography)
  3. Research the historical common law for that crime and explain the elements. (See Text and the web.)
  4. Based on your research, compare the current criminal statute with the historical common law to see how the elements of the crime have evolved.
  5. Write a short essay, at least 1,250 words or five typewritten or computer-generated pages, describing the elements of the current state statute, the elements of the historical common law, and comparing the elements and how they have changed. Discuss possible reasons for the changes in the elements, how the interaction of criminal justice agencies and the law may have contributed to these changes, and suggest new changes in the statute, based on society’s needs today.

You must write using APA format for all source citations in both the body of the essay and in the reference page.
Read the Legal Research link on the left side of the Course Page for instructions in conducting research in locating state statutes. All papers must use APA citations for information utilized from ANY source, to avoid plagiarism.