Short-Run Economic Fluctuations, economics homework help

I have to select an organization that I am familiar with for a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation where I have to create a presentation that will be presented to the organization’s Executive Committee. The Organization I would like to use as I am presenting it in a business format would be for the Nike Organization. This presentation has to include detailed speaker notes with proper citations, some economic graphical images that must be properly cited, and must include a minimum of of 3 peer-reviewed sources or more. This presentation has to include to following items:

Slide 1-Cover Page 

Slide 2-Introduction 

Slide 3-Three Key Facts about Short-Run Economic Fluctuations 

Slide 4-How the Economy in the Short Run Differs from the Economy in the Long Run Economic Fluctuations 

Slide 5-Discussion of Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Slide 6-How Shifts Cause Booms and Recessions of Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Slide 7-Impact of Monetary Policy

Slide 8-Monetary Policy: Impact on Interest Rates

Slide 9-Monetary Policy: Impact on Aggregate Demand

Slide 10-How Fiscal Policy Affects Interest Rates

Slide 11-How Fiscal Policy Affects Aggregate Demand

Slide 12-Evaluation of Why Policymakers Face a Short Run Trade-Off from Inflation

Slide 13-Evaluation of why Policymakers Face a Short Run Trade-Off from Unemployment

Slide 14-Evaluation of Why Inflation Trade-Off Disappears in the Long Run 

Slide 15-Evaluation of Why Unemployment Trade-Off Disappears in the Long Run

Slide 16-Conclusion

Slide 17-Reference Page to Include 3-Peer-Reviewed Sources or More

Format consistent with APA guidelines. For peer-reviewed resources, please include direct web links of where information is cited so I can look them up as well. Attached below was a team assignment that myself and other team members had helped research for the Nike Company in my economics class and I would appreciate any helpful feedback I can get on this type of assignment I have and thanks!

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