Sirius XM Satelite Radio Inc, management homework help

There are one discussion, one assignment, and two replies.


Read case # 4 (in your textbook) ‚ÄúSirius XM Satelite Radio Inc. in 2014: On track to Succeed after a Near-Death Experience?.” and perform the following analysis:

  1. How strong/medium/weak are the five competitive forces confronting Sirius XM? Perform the five forces analysis to support your answers.
  2. Construct the strategic group map of the industry. Is Sirius well positioned on the map? Why or Why not?
  3. What are the Key Success Factors in this industry?

Chapter 3 of your text provides a detailed discussion of topics/tools that you would need to know in order to complete this assignment.

Discussion(around 250 words):

  • Should there be any legal limits on the size of business organizations in the U.S.? Explain.