Slavery discussion questions

Organize your answer so that you have at minimum 5 paragraphs (that includes an introduction and conclusion). Each paragraph must have a thesis statement or make an assertion that is proven by the evidence in the paragraph

  1. Evaluate the changing nature of the treatment of African slaves over time. How did slavery in Africa transform in the western hemisphere?
  2. Discuss the origins of slavery in the North American English colonies. How did the development of slavery in the colonies impact the treatment of slaves?
  3. Evaluate the discussions over time about the morality and legality of slavery over time between the development of the slave trade through the American Revolution. How did proponents of slavery justify the institution? How did opponents of slavery condemn the institution?
  4. Evaluate the resistance to slavery. How did slaves resist the institution? How effective was their resistance?
  5. What economic and legal factors explain the origins of slavery in Virginia?