SNHU Advertising Around the World Discussion

Pick a particular U.S. company’s brand and search for three or more digital ads (social media or web page, graphic content, banners, pop-ups, etc.) or TV commercials for that brand from around the world.


  • Choose a very specific brand, not an umbrella one. For instance, VW Beetle or Passat versus Volkswagen or Coke Zero versus Coca-Cola.
  • Ideally, the ads should be from the same time period.
  • Leverage foreign social media and media sharing websites using Google Chrome translation services (China’s “YouTube” is Youku, for example). You may also use company websites with a foreign URL. Also, consider national retailers online sites that carry the branded product.

In your primary post, attach, embed, or link to your selected advertising content. Assess the ads. How do they differ? What do they have in common? Differences could be in terms of target market, culture, symbols, slogans, visuals, music, use of celebrities, and so forth. Speculate on the possible reasons for your findings.

In your peer responses, compare your impressions of the ads versus your peers’ assessments. Do you see similarities and differences? What additional factors may have impacted the advertising’s format, look and feel, or messaging?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.