SOC147 US Life Expectancy Declining Last Two Years


US life expectancy has declined for two years in a row. Not all groups (class, race/ethnicity, gender, region) are equally impacted; some groups have experienced an increase while others life expectancy have declined. In this short (2 full pages plus a reference list) research-and-analysis paper, explain these trends using recent data, suggesting the causes of these divergent trends. Conclude your paper with a reference list of at least 4 academic references.

Requirements: Must be 2 full pages

12 point font

APA format

Double spaced.

Do not use Wikipedia, a dictionary or thesaurus as an academic reference.

Data and research must be from the last two years, therefore 2017 and 2018 and leading up to now.

4 academic references are required on a reference page at then end of the essay.