Some economists have argued that lands currently owned by the government, homework help


Some economists have argued that lands currently owned by the government and administered by the National Park Service and / or a State Park Service might receive better long-term care if they were privately owned and administered. They argue that private owners of a park have an incentive (the profit motive) to engage in conservation efforts and to maintain the park because their future income depends on the willingness of people to visit the park. Let’s discuss whether the profit motive will provide the proper incentives or if public (i.e. government) ownership produces better results.

  • Research a few of the National or State Parks that you have visited or would like to visit someday. Report on the history, park attractions and activities, fees, accommodations, etc. of the park that is your “top choice.”
  • If you favor private ownership of the park explain why you believe the profit motive would provide a better incentive to practice environmental conservation. Also address changes you would envision to current practices if the park were to become privately owned.
  • If you favor that the government continue to own and administer the park, explain why you prefer the current system. Also address any changes to current practices that could be undertaken by the government to remedy potential problems such as over-crowding, damage to the park or repair of structures.